What is the difference between a tournaments page and a tournament page?

A tournaments page is a user's own personal page that links to all tournaments they have hosted and are currently hosting. A tournament page is a page giving the details and results of a tournament that has been hosted or is currently being hosted.

How should I format my tournament, tournaments, channel or archive pages?

The best way to format them is to use the example  pages' source code as templates for your own pages.

What should I do if I do not know if my banner follows the uploading policy?

If you're not sure about whether the size of the banner is too big, or if the design is inappropriate, it is best to contact an admin about it.

What if the name of my tournament or the name I want to name my tournament is the same as someone elses? What should I name the tournament page?

You can put your username in parenthesis next to the name of the tournament when naming the tournament page. This will help distinguish the difference between yours, and the other's while allowing both of you to share to same tournament name.