When using this wiki, you must follow these rules below:

  • 1. When playing online, do not abuse users via the in game chat. If you are angry at an user, don't flame them, discuss your problems with them and come up with a reasonable conclusion to the situation.
  • 2. No spam! We are a bit lenient with caps and there are some exceptions with it, but try to not go too far.
  • 3. No frequent bad language!
  • 4. Don't create multiple accounts. Many create multiple accounts to evade bans or because they want to start over with the community, though if you are caught using more than one account, you will be blocked. This includes making accounts while one is blocked while being renamed; unless the rename takes longer than the planned duration of a user rename (about 6 hours on average), you may contact an admin to seek permission. The account will be blocked as soon as the rename is over.
  • 5. Don't vandalize! That means, do not "blank" a page (which is erasing all or a section of the page), and do not add meaningless and spam-like sections to a page either.
  • 6. Do not create more than one tournaments page or channel page for youself. You can have only one of each. If you are caught doing so, you will be asked to remove one of the pages. (Please note that as stated and shown in the to do list pages, a tournaments page is different from a tournament page)
  • 7. Please follow our uploading policy when uploading content
  • 8. Do not edit another user's tournament, tournaments, channel or archive page
  • 9. Do not edit unprotected pages that are obviously meant for administrators only. This rule will be excused if the user honestly didn't know.
  • 10. Do not disrespect other users inside the chat, forum or anywhere else on this wiki. This includes name calling, teasing etc.
  • 11. Do not ban or kick users for an unjustified reason or abuse power given to you in any other ways. (This rule only applies to bureaucrats, chat moderators, and administrators)
  • 12. You must be at least 13 or older according to COPPA to use this wiki, or you will be banned until you turn 13. (This is a wikia wide rule)