NOTICE: As this wiki is still in progress, please do not complete this to do list until this message is removed

When joining this wiki

1. If you plan on hosting tournaments, you should create your own tournaments page. The best way to format a tournaments page is to create a section for whatever year it is for your fixed period tournaments, and a weekly and daily section for tournaments you plan on repeating forever. When you are hosting a tournament for this year, you should add a link to it under the section. Once a new year has come, you should create a new section for the new year and add links to any of your tournament pages for that year


2. If you plan on sharing Mario Kart TV reels that you uploaded directly to YouTube from your game, you should create a your own channel page.

Channel pages should have links to yearly archive pages of your channel page for each year.


Tournament pages

Not to be confused with a "tournaments page", tournament pages are pages that explain all of the details of a tournament that you are hosting. These are the pages that you will put links to on your tournaments page.

When creating a tournament page, you should give all details of the tournament that is being hosted, including when results will be recorded. If tournaments are repeating tournaments (daily or weekly), you should have sections for each result pull if you plan to pull in results more than once or at all. If your tournament is a fixed period tournament, you can pull in results before the end period, but only as progressive results. After the tournament is over, you should pull in the final results.


Archive pages

Archive pages are where you put your Mario Kart TV reels. Your reels should be in an archive page that corresponds to the year it was uploaded.

Videos in archive pages should have a title above the video and a description to the left or right of the video.

It is best to name archive pages with the name of your channel page and the year next to it. (e.g. Someone's Reels 2014/(2014))


You can also add banners for your tournament pages, tournaments page, channel page or archive pages as long as they follow the uploading policy